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guy kolb

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Idk if if thats the right place to ask this so im sorry in advance ( im new)

Ok so im gonna buy the Corsair Crystal 570X RGB ATX Mid-Tower Case

And i want to replace the fans with 3 ll140 fans cuz i want to control everything via a software and not via buttons. the thing is.

i think i have space for only 2 140 fans in the front of the case.( i cant buy the 120 ones) cuz the lightning pro only comes with the 140 ones and not with the 120 ones.

im also gonna buy the NZXT Kraken X62

with 2 CL15 Vengeance rams.

What do i need to do to control all of it via software?

and do i have space for 3 140 fans in the front ?

the mb is this one Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X.

(sorry about my english.) tnx!

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