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I have an AX1200i which just died, and it's just shy of 4 years since I bought it. I do have proof of purchase, but I still think that this won't work...


Let me show you why.


This is what an AX1200i looks like out of the box:




And this is mine:



(Click to enlarge)


As you can see, I modified the fan grille. Reason being that I was scared that I might drop screws into the PSU when working on the machine, so I added this as a protective layer to avoid that.


Naturally, I had to break the warranty seal to add that mesh.


Is there still a chance for me to RMA this, or can I just forget about it?


I mean, I just bought another AX1200i as a replacement unit, but if RMA is possible, I would have a spare unit, which would be great.


Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much! :)


I'd like to check just one more thing first. I've read reports from some people who claimed that they had similar issues (machine suddenly switching itself off, diagnosis LED going red etc.) not because of the PSU, but because of the 24p ATX cable having issues.


My new AX1200i is already here, so I'd like to hook it up to my existing cabling first to see whether it works or not. If not, I'll have to fix the cabling and I'll probably keep what I have.


If this works however, it's surely the first AX1200i PSU at fault. In that case, I'll open a ticket for it and let you know its ID!


Again, thanks a lot!

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My apologies for the delay, but my machine had a ton of computation to complete, so it took a while for me to make the PSU switch.


So far, my new AX1200i seems to work fine. Within the next few days, I'll put the machine under some workload to see whether it's really ok.


If everything checks out, I'll create the ticket some time next week. :)

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