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Issues with void RGB pro wireless headset after updating to 3.11.114


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I updated my ICUE to 3.11.114 a few days ago, and have had numerous problems since. I was playing PUBG at the time and started having the game sound cut out at when loud noises or perhaps high frequencies would occur. Its a bit unclear, during some gunfights or explosions anyway. I tried a force firmware update of the headset (because that's fixed issues I've seen in the past) and I've run into nothing but problems since.

I've had multiple games lose the headset as a sound source, including WoW and HoTS. Both required a full game restart, and both times other audio sources continued playing. Sometimes I'll totally lose all sound, then the system will "chug" and I'll get sound back again. Not sure if the headset is being lost and redetected or what. I've had other people tell me I sound more muffled than before, or diminished in some way.

I've re-plugged in my headset, cycled everything, restarted my computer between every step, uninstalled and reinstalled ICUE, and tried force updating the firmware again, all to no avail.

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