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Lighting Node Pro not detecting front fans

Dr. Krentist

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TLDR: My Lighting Node Pro wont detect the fans connected to it. (sometimes)


Hello everyone. For the past month or so i've had a problem where my Lighting Node Pro wont detect the three ML120 Pro fans that it came with. Sometimes when I turn my computer on, the lights would come on, and my computer would fail to boot. (which is a different issue, and an entirely different story) other times, the fans would stay off, and it would boot fine, and the outcome i'm looking for, is the fans turn on, and the computer boots. Now it seems that the computer will only boot with the lights off, and when I look in the Corsair Link 4, the Lighting Node Pro section is completely empty. (Screenshot provided)


I'm sorry if I come off a bit aggressive, as this entire issue has done nothing but make me mad.


Hope someone can point me in the right direction.



Motherboard: MSI 970 gaming

CPU: AMD FX-9590

RAM: Corsair XMS3 x4 4GB (16GB in totoal)

PSU: Corsair RM650i

GPU: MSI Geforce RTX 2070

Storage: Patriot Blaze 240GB SSD (Boot,) Trion 150 480GB SSD, WD Blue 4TB HDD 5400 RPM



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