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Toggle between 2 weapons with own profile with one mouse button.


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My name is Kristof, I am from Belgium, 43 years old.

Recently I purchased the K70 Rapidfliiire. I installed ICUE and absolutely loved it. So I decided to buy the mouse also (M65 Pro), also best mouse ever. However I bought the mouse for the power of the ICUE software (which works fine, I love it). However there one essential thing that is missing in the features that I think is essential to any FPS gamer.




Imagine you have a FPS shooter with a primary gun and a secondary gun.

I want to use the SNIPER button on the mouse to TOGGLE between primary and secondary weapon. Additional to that I want to assign each weapon an own profile (so each weapon has other macros).

Now the limition at this point is that you can make an profile toggle and assign to sniper button, but you can’t add the weapon switch.


Functional solution would be:


1/ Add on load/activation of profile (primary & secondary) an ‘pre/post-event’ (or macro), example switch to secondary weapon.


Or 2/ In the profile selection screen, add option to run macro after switching profile (or before).


Work around I tried (but not working) (would lose 2 keys on keyboard, but I don’t care):


Add macro to sniper button, macro has following actions:


a/ switch to secondary weapon (mouse down)

b/ Press key S which has a ‘remap’ to the secondary gun profile

However this does not work, apparently he doesn’t do the remap action (switch secondary gun profile) the macro, but the original action (type s) (why ? - remap is in that profile)


So in short, how can I toggle weapons (between primary and secondary gun) with one button ? And have another profile for each gun. All with one keypress on the mouse. The game itself has no weapon toggle keybind.


Thank you for reviewing,


(ps: On the mouse, it would also be nice to bind macro's to mouse up and mouse down, not only on click).

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