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H115i Platinum - 1/2 Fan RGB color flickering


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I recently install the H115i Platinum. 1/2 RGB fan using Spiral Rainbow would have flickering. The other working RGB fan is a smooth transition of color. If i switch the RGB fan header, then both end up flickering.


i also have 1 Commander Pro with 5 ML RGB installed. THose are working correctly. Color transition is working fine. IF I plug the not working RGB Fan from H115i to the commander pro. It also is flickering. Solid color is not solid. If i select white, it would turn into 3 section yellow.. 1 section redish yellow. other fan are switch color correctly.


Next i tried to removed commander Pro Light 1 node. Plug in new light node with 1 not working RGB fan, it exhibit same problem.


At this point, I am thinking that fan's RGB is defective. I open a ticket with Corsair....

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