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How can I configure led strip as a LL fan?

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How you wire it depends on if it's the last device on the hub or if you want more on there.

On the fan side ...

Pin 1 => +5V, Pin 1 on the strip.

Pin 2 => Data Return (back from device). If it's the last device, you don't need to connect this. If not the last device, splice with Pin 3.

Pin 3 => Data Out (to device). This will connect to Pin 2 on the strip.

Pin 4 => Ground. This will connect to Pin 3 on the strip.


I actually have 24 strips running off of two RGB LED Fan Hubs (12 per hub, 6 per port). If mixing with LL fans, you'll need to watch the number of LEDs. You can place the strip either on the end or in the front. If in the front, splice pin 2 and pin 3 together so that it duplicates the signal to the next device.

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