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Lightning Node Pro help please


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Hi there,


I have purchased 3x HD120s, and 2x LL120. I believe that my HD triple pack came with a fan controller (6 port hub) and I have purchased a lightning node pro as well as a second fan controller separately.


I am aware that the HDs and LLs need to run on separate channels on the LNP for me to get the RGB up and running but from all of the packs that I have purchased I do not have the proprietary 3 pin to 3 pin cable that connects the RGB fan controller to the lightning node pro.


I went to my local electronics store and purchased 3pin dupont cable (on recommendation of another poster on this board) and plugged it in, the fans worked, so did the RGB and then the wiring started smoking almost immediately.. I turned it off and I'm too scared to try again...:eek:


Where can I possibly find this cable? Is it possible to buy this directly from Corsair? I've had the fans for about 6 months but I've only ever been able to get 3 of the 5 fans RGB working.


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance

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