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i140 Motherboard temperature concern


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Having finished setting up my Corsair One i140, I was checking out the information from Speccy which (at idle) was reporting a motherboard temperature of 99 degrees ©. Checking the temperature in the bios, it reports at 60 degrees ©. Maybe it's an issue with where the sensor is located, but that's a high temperature at idle... I have not altered the system cooling, it's set at Default in iCUE.


Also, just FYI, based upon what I can tell (without opening the case) the parts are as follows:


MSI GeForce RTX 2080

MSI Z370I Gaming Pro Carbon AC

Seagate Barracuda ST2000LM015

Samsung PM961 Polaris 512GB


If that's right, I would say quality components, although the NVMe M.2 SSD is surprising as I assumed it would be a Corsair one.


Also, the motherboard has TPM 2.0, which is nice since I upgraded to Pro to run Bitlocker.


P.S. The system so far would qualify as very quiet.

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60c is extremely high for motherboard idle temps! :o


to ground your expectations; below 60c are expected temps from nvidia gpu under stress testing! stress testing M.2 should also yield similar temps while under stress!!!


your board temps shouldn't exceed 27c-30c at idle!

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idle board temps can be as high as 50 normally (but generally 30-45), but 60 is high. It depends how this changes based on load (it shouldn't change very majorly) - maybe someone else has a unit that can check theirs to see if yours is normal for the unit?
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Checking things this morning (after the computer being off overnight and at a room temperature of 22°C), the bios reports the CPU at 38°C and the motherboard at 47°C.


At idle, Speccy reports the CPU at 32°C, the GPU at 29°C, and the motherboard at 109°C (which must be wrong). And iCUE reports the CPU coolant at 27.5°C, the GPU coolant at 27.3°C, the CPU package at 36°C, and the GPU at 30°C.


Given the other temperature readings, it seems likely that the bios is reporting the wrong temperatures... Although, as posted above, it would be great to see what others with i140s are showing.

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you can pull up my custom ONE build to get an idea of what the older case with 9900k is seeing for temps, http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=183339


imho these are way too high for your idle temps,

something is not right atm be it bad readout or something is shoring causing the board to overheat,


even at full IDA64 stress testing all components at once 2 hours into stress test board should not hit those temps unless something is not doing its job as expected,

its takes allot for the board to statically saturate and retain that much heat!


at idle your cooling solution should be able maintain 3-4c below your ambient without any issues,

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I figured I would do a follow-up post, particularly in case anyone else with an i140 or i160 wants to post...


With a room/ambient temperature at 22°C (72°F), Default performance/fan setting in iCUE, and idle I get the following:



CPU = 47°C

Motherboard = 58°C



CPU coolant = 41°C

GPU coolant = 36.7°C


iCUE sensor logging (every 5 seconds for 5 minutes - averaged):

MB Temp #1 = 99°C

MB Temp #2 = 127°C

MB Temp #3 = 99°C

MB Temp #4 = 47°C



CPU = 44°C

Motherboard = 101°C

GPU = 37°C



(Only checked Motherboard)

SYSTIN = 101°C

TEMPIN5 = 127°C

System = 101°C

TEMPIN3 = 49°C


As far as the Motherboard temperatures go, the reading from Speccy pretty much matches HWMonitor (assuming Speccy meansures System) and HWMonitor matches up with the iCue sensor readings. So, the sensors might be giving "bad" temperatures due to placement or something else, but all the software is reporting consistently.


I called Corsair support and was told that (1) no one else had reported temperature concerns (or anything else) for the i140, (2) Mini-ITX boards will run hotter (which I understand), and (3) as long as iCUE is reporting decent coolant temperatures, I should not worry.


I have not experienced any system crashes or anomalies while gaming, running benchmarks, video encoding, etc. So, at least at this point, I guess I won't worry, although I will pay close attention during the next couple of weeks before my 30 days run out...


P.S. I am having very infrequent, short mouse pointer lock ups, but this issue could have many causes, including some not related to hardware. (Also, it only ever seems to happen when certain programs are open and hasn't happen during gaming.)

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About Motherboard Temperature, it's always a SW issue, because its...


please don’t take this the wrong way... (I say this with care!)


really who gives a damn!?

when a person spends that much money on premium hardware; no one cares for excuses,

do your job and put out a stable product or don’t put it out at all!

if you do; stand behind it, don’t make excuses and don’t waste our time,


there might be a lucky kid or two among Corsair's ONE clientele; I assure you most are stable people who can afford these high end systems;

or on the other side of the coin people who can't afford these yet make the efforts buy them anyway, both segments expectations are far from excuses,

when we go out of our way to find a premium product is because we are willing to pay not do hear excuses in the first place.


ill make an educated guess on this one, its not the sensor reading it wrong,

its the CPU improperly seated, i worked closely with the 9900k, you cant mess around with it period!

in this small form you need it delided!!! and perfectly seated for the most efficiency you can get from the surface or it will go wild instantly with high temps,

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You might need to use MSI official APP to check Motherboard Temp(Command Center), since Third-party software may shows wrong Motherboard Temp values.


I installed MSI Command Center and for "Temperature - System" it showed 53°C at idle. As I suggested in prior posts, it is not clear which of these readings, if any, are correct. However, if this reading is correct, the Motherboard is running hot for idle, but not alarming so if the temperature doesn't increase too much under load.

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