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What are these 2 pictures take for you ?


1638 M 105° : https://imgur.com/7tLqT6v

T..CON : https://imgur.com/jDTaGSw



Black Rubycon, Nichicon, Fujitsu, Panasonic cap or just ELECTROLYTIC TAICON BAD CAP on a 100% japanese power supply ?

Taicon is a japanese capacitor manufacturer it's that ? (Taicon corporation at taiwan, taiwan and china, china I can give you their address if you want :) )



And you have admin right on this forum beautiful and prove just one thing you are a bad guy jonnyguru and made review on golden sample for Corsair and may be other manufacturer.


Good job, nice !




Only the truth hurts jonnyguru

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AX older series who die like a lot of these models after read some forum/reviews.

Power supply not start anymore with power button. Need a lot of power unplug/plug for force start power supply and die again some days/weeks after. I have done sometime that and put another power supply.



Anyway it's not the problem about my power supply. It's just about the jonny website and these reviews. A guy analyzing power supply with an oscilloscope who not know the plague of bad capacitors it's not possible. And protect a manufacturer who put intentionally bad caps inside their power supply and refuse to test again the same power supply it's a joke. Each time you say there is that component, that and that they say no problem not important pcb but never want to show us that on real analysis. A bad ripple cap or bad capacity can't give excellent result on review. It's just not possible than a 6.3v 2200uf Rubycon/ChemiCon give the same result than a 6.3v 2200uf Capxon cap.



I'm an amateur in electronics but if a capacitor die quickly there are problems. May be under rated or just bad manufacturing process but there are some problems somewhere. Like say in my post a 15 years HP JetDirect run always powered 24/24h. Electronic can almost never die and should be the most reliable part compare to mechanic by example. But manufacturer calculate bad components life for just die after warranty some manufacturer are the king for that like Samsung and 85° capacitor located near radiator who heat and kill caps faster ;)


About capacitor is the most common problem in electronic. Never see any good know brand capacitor leak or die quickly. Electronic device is at trash before these caps die even only rated at 10'000h or 20'000h. Two monitors have 80'000h / 90'000h stand by hours for 11 years and 12 years but still alive now. I can open for fun but almost sure that's not Capxon Taicon or other bad capacitor brand inside :D


Jonny receive a full japanese power supply and give excellent review. An another reviewer found full capxon on main filter and corsair change some years after by nichicon/capxon mix it's not for nothing. And now there are most bad caps inside these power supply it's a fact. Jonny prefer close the thread instead prove with an oscilloscope that's really change nothing on excellent result of his gold sample 2013.



I like Corsair but it's bad to do that and more bad for an electronics reviewer to not say the truth and hide the truth to future customers. Everyone have the right to know and probably the 2019 power supply is just a standard PSU and not high end like the golden 2013 sample. Areviewer send a negative review for not respect minimal specs to Corsair and made a new revision of their product for respect the specs.

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The saga of Teapo and the mess it made will be hard to live down.


I have 3 Corsair power supplies and all work, and I have lots of spares of misc make and model as backups so when RMA takes forever and a day I am not DOA


I comment on RMA experiences on my site, I also post a lot of hardware reviews. Such as refurbishing my GTX 750 so I can abuse it some more with extreme games.


I have some hard disks with over 50,000 POH and they still work, but Backblaze has different methodologies compared to my shop. I use disks till they croak but I have copies of copies on multiple spindles and very important stuff if needed

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Corsair have good hardware quality but just not like to send golden sample to some bad reviewer and keep these excellent results for sell PSU to end customers with some bad components inside. And the reviewer coming here with admin rights on forum for say that's all fine and not a problem at all but refuse to made a new review of the "mass production" power supply.


No one from Corsair unlock the thread about bad caps so he made the law on this forum probably a guy payed by Corsair for made golden sample reviews and reply here to all who have problem with Corsair PSU that's not a PSU problem but computer, cables, main power line,... :)



I have received calibrated monitor from Samsung UK and after when ordered these monitors received Samsung CN bad product. Even text isn't clear but it was the cable from Samsung guys who change nothing.. :D



For your GTX750 have you try to change the resistors for allow more power coming to the graphic card ? (This : https://overclocking.guide/increase-the-nvidia-power-limit-all-cards/3/)

If you want to play a little with one of your card ;)


HDD can run 50'000 hours but I take these drives for backup after this time and put newer on main storage. Resell older drive and buy bigger one is often a good choice for increase/renew storage at lower cost.


Never view your website but very interesting article !



Thank you

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