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Corsair H150i + AX1200i + 6x ML120 Pro

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I'm just building my new rig and I got:


Asus Maximus XI Code Z390

i9 9900k

Corsair 780T case

Corsair AX1200i PSU - One USB connector only, not a hub

Corsair H150i Pro - Only one USB, not a hub

2x 3 kit ML120 Pro fans - 6 port hub + LED connector


My struggle is, I don't have enough USB ports into the motherboard to connect everything into Corsair Link.


Do I need to buy anything else?

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You need a total of 3 USB ports. You have a couple of options.

- Each device actually uses a single port. A USB Header actually supports two ports. You can rig each device to a single port using extension and the like. You need to be super-careful to get the connections right.

- You can get an internal USB hub. NZXT makes one. It has an old-school molex power connector. Ick. But it works; I have one, in fact.

- You can get a Commander Pro. It has 2 internal USB headers for the PSU and the cooler. It has the functionality of the Lighting Node Pro so you won't need that (you'll still need the RGB LED Fan Hub tho). It also adds 4 temp sensors and fan speed control.

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Thank you very much for the support.


Looks like getting the commander pro will be the best option here.

Until it arrives, if I skip connecting the PSU, am I going to lose much? I don't really change any settings there.


No, you'll just lose watching the various stats.

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