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H115i Platinum problems


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Well I got some weird things happening to me.


The AIO temps are strange. When the CPU is not overclocked and using XMP, when stress testing them temps might be higher than 90, now when manually overclocked the CPU to 4.8 and 1.3V the temps are in the 80's, WHY and HOW?

Can someone help me and explain me why this happens, this isn't my first build...

I thought this AIO would be way better, like 60-70 under load..not 90+




i7 8700k



G.Skilll 3200MHz 16gb

H115i Platinum AIO

1070ti Zotac AMP!

Cougar panzer evo case

3 fans intake in the from

2 AIO fans intake at the top

1 fan exhaust back

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Your first test, before manually overclocking, was likely using "Asus Multicore Enhancement" which is an auto-overclock (all cores to boost speed). It ensures reliability by poring on voltage. Since you neglected to mention the vCore for the test run, it's hard to say for sure but that's likely.

Your second, with a manual overclock - what's the actual vCore reading? Depending on how you have various switches tweaked, it may be running at > 1.3V (and it's 1.3V even?) For a non-delidded 8700K, that sounds about right.


Now ... there are two key pieces of data that you are neglecting to mention that can confirm (or not) what I'm saying here ... the actual vCore and the coolant temperature. So what's above is a hypothesis based on limited information as you've neglected to include those two super-important pieces of data.

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