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H115i Platinum: AIO stopped showing up in iCue 2 days after installing it


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As the title says:


I bought a shiny new H115i Platinum to round out my system refresh and was happy when I first turned the system on to see that the LEDs and the AIO were working well and showing up in the iCue software to control RGB. Fast forward to approx. 2 days later when I turned my system on in the morning, to my surprise, the AIO had vanished from the iCue software AND from Link4... Naturally I'm VERY tilted about this for a few reasons: I spent a good chunk of money on this AIO and I expect it to work because of the investment; I've been trying just about every "fix" listed on the forum here for a week with no success; and I also tried a fix that Corsair support sent me and even this did not remedy my problem to get the AIO showing up in iCue.


I'm at wits end here and I just want an RGB AIO that works without having to go through a process of back-end user fixes. I'm tired of the slow responses from Corsair support. I don't want to have to take out the H115i Platinum to RMA or anything of the sort.


Please help anyone :[pouts:

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