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H115i Platinum and Commander Pro Light Sync


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I just installed the H115i Platinum. I also have commander pro with 5ML RGB attach to it.


My Question is: I am unable to find a way to sync my H115i Platinum and 5ML RGB.


Is it possible to sync lighting effect across?


i tried to put 2 RGB fan that comes along with H115i to RGB of H115i.

but .. cant seem to find sync to make it go across both H115i and Commander PRo.


I also tried to add another Lighting Node to Channel 2 of commander pro. and put the 2 ML RGB fan to Channel 2 of Commander Pro. Still cant find a way to sync it.


As you can see, i have 3 fan in front, 1 on bottom, 1 in back. 2 on top (H115i Plat).


My ultimate hope: Fan is surrounding the case. I was hoping that all fan color sync. Rotate turning on RGB from 1-7. Spiral Rainbow...


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