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Request for RMA - Bad Memory Module

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I need an RMA to replace a Corsair 256MB memory module* that has gone bad.

Awhile back, I built a 300 MHz PII system based on an Intel KK440LX motherboard using two Corsair 64MB memory modules. Subsequently, I added a Corsair 128MB memory module and later a Corsair 256MB memory module for a total of 512 MB memory. Recently, only 256MB showed on the POST. Experimentation isolated the 256MB module as being bad.


The technician at CompUSA was kind enough to tested the 256MB memory module for me and determined it was dead. He said he didn’t get any response at all.


*Failed Corsair 256MB memory module:


Corsair PC-100




Printed on the board:

Corsair 50-00099 REV A

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First thing, this module is registered ECC and you can not mix registered and unregistered or un-buffered memory. In addition, this module is made with By 4 memory IC's and the Intel 440LX/BX may not support By 4 IC's depending on the MB maker’s layout. I would see if a friend can help you test this module by it self with a MB that has Intel 400GX or Server Works chipset to be sure.
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