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MM800 RGB is different color LEDs than rest of system


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I have the MM800 RGB Polaris together with a bunch of other corsair stuff.


When I have the same lighting link for all devices (Red to Purple color shift) the Polaris is always a bright pink instead of a deep purple.


In order to get this mouse pad to shine the right color like the rest I have to change the lighting for the mouse pad to a blue in iCue (Red 255 + Blue 30) where the rest of the system uses Red 222 + Blue 80.


Does anything know why this happens? It seems the mouses pad isn't calibrated properly.


C Hanging Lighting Link 1 to blue on the mouse pad so it looks right unfortunately changes it for every other Linked device as well, and if I create a new one it doesn't sync to Link 1.


Anyone have any idea how to fix this?


thanks so much in advance!

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