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Keyboard+ Day Trading..help with profile+linking


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Hello, so to summarize i´m a day trader.. i trade the stock/forex market.


And i love the CORSAIR keyboard, especially the light profiles all around the internet.. so my plan was to set up different profiles for different scenarios in trading.


When i lose a trade = my keyboard turns red, when i win my keyboard turns green.


I have managed to do it, as i payed a programmer so that an win.exe file opens up when i win, i go in my iCUE and make a green keyboard profile and link it to the win.exe (the win.exe file does nothing, just a black screen) its only meant to link to a iCUE keyboard profile.



Now i´d like to take it a step further, winning streaks and further more.

I have bought a trading software which alerts "3 consec winners" with pop and sound.. to bad you can´t like "Profiles" to sound files..


To bad i dont know programing, i would create some script.. when win.exe file is activated 3 times ( i won 3 times) then winstreak.exe file is opened up..and in turn this winstreak.exe file would be linked up to some cool rainbow profile on iCUE.


Any thoughts guys? any kind of help would be super duper great!


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