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Icue needs more details on CPU and GPU!


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So Icue currently has a readout for your CPU load and temp, and gpu temp.

Wouldn't it be nice if we had a per core load readout? Or here is a big one that I cant believe was missed, GPU core load! :eek:

On the subject of Icue, can we get some custom brackets for the dashboard?

Like I pull ALL my temps out from there brackets and It would be nice to have a bracket filled with Just Temps, and another filled with Fan RPM's another for Load's (GPU and CPU) and voltages.

On a side note has anyone had an issue with Icue randomly stopping, disconnecting devices (In my case my M65 RGB and MM800 and some of my HD120's) and then reconnecting like nothing happen?

No joke, when I plug my MM800 and M65 into 2 specific USB ports on the back of my Mobo that happen, interestingly I switched them to the 2 ports above those, and everything has been butter smooth...

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