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Two tickets, One RMA, No Refund


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I understand things take time, and wouldn't be so anxious, except that my ticket did some weird things that ended up with it being more or less left in limbo until I called, and I'm worried that it's happened again/still.


Ticket #816465 is my original ticket, and the one that requires action. I cannot respond to it.


Ticket #828920 was opened to allow me to respond, but the same lock-out appears to have occurred there. Whatever's going on with your ticketing software, it's creating a really frustrating user experience.


My RMA has been received by your warehouse, but no mention of it has been made on my ticket. Again, I'm not saying I should have the refund on my card immediately, but it would've been nice to get a status change on the ticket, and given that the warranty replacement sat in your warehouse for weeks before I called to locate it, I think my concern is not unwarranted that something similar has gone wrong with the refund process. It seems like my ticket is not queuing properly.


Please let me know what time table is normal so I don't have to be so anxious!

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