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H100i Pro Doing my head in


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Hello all,


New to the forum and I have something bugging the life out of me.


So I just bought a new h100i pro. Installed it, the rgb works, I can hear the pump functioning and both fans work.


I have searched everywhere to find a solution and the problem I am facing is ...

Its not showing up in ICUE, nor is there any evidence of the Corsair USBXp Driver on my system.


I have changed the usb headers and still, it doesn't seem to want to work. I bought it for the sake of being able to control it with ICUE as I've overclocked my 7700k to 4.9 ghz stable. Also overclocked my two 1080's and they're stable too.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I'm not sure if it is a BIOS issue as other reports suggest it has nothing to do with BIOS. even the link software can't pick it up.


I've deleted my precision x and led sync from my system. I have an RGB header connected to the thermal take v 200, I heard that may have an effect? but why wouldn't it show the driver?


Cheers guys, thanks for listening/ reading...ive spend 5 hours on this, it took me way less time to build my fricking rig!

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Try hooking it up directly to your motherboard's USB ports. See if it shows up. Just to confirm, have you verified your USB drivers are up-to-date?


Nope, no luck. Attached it to the external USB and according to ASUS all my drivers are up to date!


Ive downloaded the corsair link, and again nothing is showing up.


Is it a faulty unit?

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