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I had a broken (thing i forgot the name) on my 380T


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Hello fellow corsair's, how u doing? My corsair 380t had a broken pin, those who lock the front panel on top. Unfornatelly this case, even though it's one of the best "mini-itx" ever made, was discontinued and it's really hard to find one, especially in brazil (i actually saw only 2 people if one of those here). I'm looking for sugestions to either case-mod it (was think on having a acrylic panel custom made and the screw in) or try to maybe 3d print one that lokes like the original one (but 3d painting is expensive in Brazil). Any suggestions?


BTW Corsair, u could make a sequel to this case, i do have a great idea based on some stuff i saw on CES 2019.

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