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Old M95 question


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Hey Folks, Like many, I'm not ready to let go of my old mouse. I have an M95, that's been running great. The issue is that i recently had to rebuild my OS from scratch. I didn't export the profiles before the reinstall. I still have the old drive, but can't find any reference to the driver XML in the appdata location. I'm a little confused as to where the software loads profiles from if not from that location. Appdata/roaming/corsair... it's just strange to me. I made profile changes a week ago, so there must be a file somewhere that got updated...but I can't find it.


On another note. I have 6 profiles saved to the mouse that still work, but I don't know how to restore them back. any thoughts? Help?



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Well, I found the answer and it was not easy....


The profile information and keybinds are all kept in the registry...if you didn't export them before the reinstall...no where in any documentation did I find information on where the profiles were being pulled from.


After much digging. I found that a registry key called.




Actually has the info you need to get your profiles back.


Assuming you can access this from your old drive:


THIS IS NOT SAFE, BE CAREFUL !!! you can kill your registry if you mess up.


Close and kill the corsair app and drivers.


open regedit,


File>Load hive.

Pick a name for a "key" this is where the hive will mount under LOCAL_Machine.

go into that hive and find the Duke folder.

right-click change permissions and add yourself to this and take ownership

export the whole key folder from Duke.

edit the key in notepad and change the name to the correct HKEY_Current_User...etc... because you saved if from a loaded hive in a different branch from where you want it to go.

merge it.


If you did it right, everything should be back. now export and archive it properly.



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Just to add a bit of additional information. After implementing this restore, my driver stopped updating changes to the profile from the software. I could change profiles, but nothing seems to effect DPI changes. I figured that something got screwed up when I applied the reg key. To fix it and also just as a backup. I did the following.


1) Save all profiles. just export each profile to a handy directory on a safe drive. you can't do an "export all" which sucks but after enough clicks you will get them all backed up.

2) uninstall the M95 driver and software.

3) reinstall the driver and software.

4) verify that it's working and changes to DPI are effective.

5) import all the profiles you want.

6) store the LED or mouse memory profiles and save to mouse.

7) profit.



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