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LL120 RGB fan fault - 2 green LEDs only


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Just installed a single LL120 into my 570X case. This case is already running 3 x stock SP120s on their own (stock) RGB fan LED controller. I also have 2 x LL140s installed using a separate controller and Lighting node pro.


When I add the LL120 (connected onto Cryorig CPU cooler) and plugged into CPU1 fan header AND the same controller as the LL140s I get only two random green lights turning on on the LL120, but the LL140s working fine as usual. Changes made in iCue make no difference to the LL120.


So far I have tried:


connecting the LL120 to different ports on the controller

removing all the fans on the LL's controller except the LL120

tried different fan header (shouldne tmake any difference as the fan is spinning anyway).

checked settings in iCue


Have I missed something obvious, or an I looking at a faulty fan?






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Can you isolate the fan and connect it to port 1 of the RGB fan hub. See if the LEDs work in port 1 without any other fans. If your settings are correct within iCue, it'll be a defective fan or possibly a defective rgb fan hub.

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