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Issue with K55 and Harpoon RGB Mouse


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Hi everyone.


Relatively new to the forums... got my Corsair K55 back in March 2018 and it's been great! Love it, brilliant keyboard, iCUE is also great, but i encountered an issue with it a few days ago...


On Friday night my previous mouse broke, so i decided to purchase the Corsair Harpoon RGB (because i already have a Corsair keyboard, it makes sense to get the mouse too) and when i got home, plugged it in, adjusted all of the settings, DPI and lighting that i wanted. I then restarted my PC and realised my K55 is no longer turning on with my PC for some strange reason... it worked completely fine before i got the Harpoon RGB mouse, but ever since i got that everytime i turn on my PC i have to unplug the K55 and plug it back in before it decides to work. Any ideas as to why this is happening?


P.S Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong channel, i saw others were reporting issues with Mice and Keyboard in here so assumed this is the correct room.


Thanks, Brad.

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