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Please sell us Pudding RGB Keycaps for Corsair Keyboards.


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Hello Corsair,


I'm going to try and be concise, so please pardon my bullet points, hopefully it will make it easier to forward this to the necessary people within the company if desired.




  • I am an ultimate Corsair fanboy, I champion your brand all the time.
  • My entire personal rig is Corsair.
  • I work in gaming and have made sure that our entire office uses Corsair products.





  • I own a Corsair K95 platinum keyboard.
  • I want to install pudding rgb keycaps to make my keyboard stunning. ([ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP_s3kRxr4M]example[/ame])
  • I cannot install these keycaps because Corsair keyboards use a non-standard bottom row.
  • I would also be missing the extra G function keys the K95 has.





  • Please sell me a pudding keycap set compatible with Corsair keyboards.



Supporting Info:


  • Standard pricing for these keycaps is around $22-$30. I would gladly pay the $50 you charge for your other keycaps if it meant having officially sanctioned, compatible, high quality pudding keycaps. I would also pay an extra surcharge for G keys if necessary.
  • You already sell high quality keycap replacements, just in standard white or black. Nice, but boring, no offense.
  • Pudding keycaps turn even the worst RGB keyboard into a beautiful spectacle. On a premier high quality item like a Corsair mechanical keyboard, the result would be absolutely stunning.
  • Pudding keycaps are not a mainstream item, but they SHOULD be mainstream.
  • It is unthinkable to me that as a Corsair evangelical, following you at CES and keeping up to date with your marketing materials, I found out about pudding keycaps entirely by accident. Corsair should be leading the charge, using pudding keycaps to bring RGB to the next level.
  • No other competitor to Corsair has taken the plunge yet and made pudding keycaps a core part of their marketing / product offering. I only found one company selling 'official' pudding keycaps (listed above example) but it's little more than the generic pudding keycaps rebranded as being made for their brand. (they're not, they're universal).
  • By selling these pudding keycaps you give additional reasons to buy Corsair and have a visual distinction from competitors who are not championing this.
  • Even being the ultimate Corsair fanboy I am, I have shelved my K95 platinum in favor of the only other competing high quality RGB mechanical keyboard with a light bar I could find (HyperX brand) that will allow me to install the pudding keycaps.
  • No Corsair pudding keycaps adds additional risk to your product positioning because the above mentioned HyperX flagship keyboard is significantly cheaper than the Corsair K95, potentially tipping a new buyer in favor of not buying a Corsair keyboard.





The 'obvious' solution to an outsider like me for such problems would be for Corsair to abandon non-standard bottom keyboard rows. However just as I experience every day in the games industry, I will assume for simplicity's sake that there are marketing / production / financial / executive blockers prohibiting this. Hence, my fervent request above. I won't assume to know why we can't have standard bottom rows, but please give us the option to purchase a solution (Corsair pudding keycaps) that will allow us to enjoy your products to the fullest and continue to champion your brand.


If anyone at Corsair takes the time to read this and hopefully pass it along to the necessary people, thank you very much for your time and consideration, and thank you to everyone at Corsair for making great products that I really enjoy. I really hope that you see fit to sell these keycaps in the future so I can go back to having a fully Corsair setup. As things stand now, I unfortunately and sadly can't see myself buying Corsair RGB keyboards anymore.

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I agree that these keycaps make sense for Corsair.


As Corsair put so much effort into RGB effects these keycaps seem like the perfect compliment.


Sincerely hope consideration is given to this by Corsair.






Glad you agree my fellow light show afficionado. :)

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Really hoping Corsair considers selling these keycaps, they really are the best caps for showing off the awesome RGB setups we can make with iCUE. There is certainly a market for these.


Would love to hear from a Corsair rep to let us know if it's something the company would consider.

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Is it funny because I actually wrote a ticket to Corsair regarding this matter. I think something that should also be included is an option for a non-textured spacebar as well as an extra keycap with the Corsair sails logo on it. I also have a K95 Platinum and I feel like the gray macro keys sorta ruin the aesthetic of the keyboard so if it were to include keycaps for the macro keys then it should be black in color too. I also do hope that they lower the price of these keycaps and their regular non-pudding keycaps as they can sell off a lot more sets with a lower price. $50 for a non-pudding set of keycaps is pretty ridiculous.
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I may just bust out some 200 grit and make my own pudding key caps for a low profile K70 MK.2 :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I've checked out both the K95 and K70 low profile keyboards. While I like the layout of the K95 and the RGB trim along the top I have to say the low profile Cherry speed switches are significantly better and give the keys almost zero wobble.


If you know what a see saw is like - that was the enter key on my K95 :eek: Garbage quality may be standard fare on a $35 keyboard, but it is unacceptable on a $200 one :nono::nono::nono:


And while I would be happy with the K70 MK.2 low profile keyboard for it's superior typing experience and switches, I want the PBT key caps that Corsair offers for the K95 along with that premium gunmetal finish :cool::cool::cool:


I've said it before and I'll say it again - Corsair needs to make a low profile K95 Platinum and include the option for some white/black PBT key caps. I am sick and tired of making compromises in my choices of keyboard features. A flagship product should have it all.

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HyperX makes a set of pudding PBT keycaps that seems to be selling well and getting excellent reviews at Best Buy and Amazon. A set from Corsair would look good on a shelf at Best Buy next to HyperX's offering. I would have bought the HyperX, the problem is some of the bottom keys won't fit on a Corsair keyboard without sanding them.
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I would TOTALLY buy a set of pudding keycaps from Corsair. I currently have the original Strafe RGB and the MK.2. I also have the black PBT keycaps from Corsair but would love to have a Double Shot PBT pudding keycap set made for Corsair keyboards. Customers want this so much they are modding their own keycaps.


Here is a video: [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG_XUQMjrL4]click here[/ame]


I too have been considering the HyperX Double Shot PBT Keycaps but I actually like the modded version of the original Corsair keycaps in the video above better where just the top of the key is black versus the HyperX version. Plus the HyperX ones don't work with the bottom row.


Please consider offering Double Shot PBT pudding keycaps! :)

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