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K65 Low Profile Please!


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K65 RGB owner here.


K65 RGB Low Profile please!!!!


I love everything about the K70 Rapid Fire Low Profile except the fact that I can't stand keyboards with an irremovable numerical keypad as I prefer a large horizontal sweeping area for my mouse (+10 Key will interfere irrespective of the sweep area) as fatigue sets in quickly as I have to space my hands further apart on the desk.


I find that I need to use the numerical keypad maybe 2-3 times a day so I don't mind their placement below the F keys on 10 Keyless.


I wont trade the small footprint for a lower, more ergonomic wrist position and keys that have less travel distance, although it's a compelling proposition.


You can afford to make a K65 variant of K70 Low Profile, youre not kidding anyone. Especially if you price it the same as a K70 as you will save money in the actual manufacturing of the product (less mechanical switches, their respective circuits on a shorter PCB).


Ready and waiting with my wallet open.

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