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Rmx 850 Ups reccomendation?


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Hello i didn't know where to create this topic, please move if not allowded here.


I was experiencing lately some electricity shutdowns in my town which made me really afraid about my desktop PC and decided into buying a UPS for being more safe than sorry if something unexpected happens to my expensive Hardware.


Is this UPS fine for a gaming rig with



Rmx 850

i7 8700k

RTX 2080 Ti

2x8gb 3200mhz ram

Corsair h150i AIO

9 fans in the system ( 6 rgb )

Void pro headset USB

ST100 Headset stand

Scimitar Pro mouse

Vengeace m65 pro mouse

k70 keyboard corsair

3440x1440 120 hz monitor

100 watt speakers


I just want to diminish the possibility of the electricity instability to shut down and burn my hardware.


Need just those 2-3 extra minutes to shut down the computer properly.


Any reccomendations for UPS are welcome.


Also extra question


Pure sinewave


Modified Sine


Do i care for that?

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