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SPEC-06 front panel USB removal


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I just mounted my PC in my new CARBIDE SPEC-06 and the front panel's USB ports don't work. It works in the old case, so the motherboard is fine so I guess the problem is in the case.


I would like to remove the front panel to test it in a friend's PC at his home and see if it works, because the other option is that, somehow, HP only allows their USB to work....


The PC is the HP 500-129es (graphic card and power supply changed to popular brands, and hard disk replaced to an SSD): motherboard is Memphis-S (from Pegatron). I had problems with corsair fan because the BIOS throws an error for low-speed fans, so do you know if it's possible that the problem is because of HP allowing only their own USB panel? (I think it would be very strange because everything looks standard, but you never know...).


Well, the question is: How can I remove the front panel? In the guide there's nothing about how to do it. I was able to remove the front bezel but that's not enough, I think that I need to remove the red part in order to be able to access the screews, it should be easy but I don't want to break anything.


Thank you in advance!

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