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Corsair Commander Pro fan profiles not working


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I have an H150i Pro to which I have added 6 fans in a push/pull config (3 of them are ML120's, the other 3 are SP120 RGB fans).


The 3 ML120 fans are connected to the H150i's connectors, while the 3 SP120 RGB fans are connected to my Commander Pro, along with their RGB controller.


My issue is that, in iCUE, the default fan profiles for the Commander Pro seem to do nothing -- regardless of whether I select Quiet, Balanced or Extreme, my fans will rev up to 1400 RPM and stay there.


If I create a custom profile (as I have), and create my own RPM curve based on temperatures, it works fine however.


As I would like my fan speeds to sync between the H150i and the Commander Pro though, I would prefer to use the Corsair profile speeds instead.


I have updated to the latest version of iCUE and the firmware on both my devices is current. I have also manually selected 3-pin connection for my fans rather than leave it on Auto, in the settings.


Any idea what else I could do to, hopefully, resolve this?







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Hi bud...


the H150i as standard should be set to control its fans via the liquid temp. if not.. set it to liquid temp when creating your own curve on it.


my advice is to then match the 3 SP fans to that by creating on a fan curve on the commander pro that a matches the curve to your H150i settings and tell the commander pro to also react to liquid temps for that curve.....



for the Rad fans Liquid temp is the most stable and ideal temp source you can use for cooling the loop.. if you make the common mistake of setting iy to CPU package then you will have unstable fan speeds due to the unstable nature of cpu package readings.... its the liquid the fans are cooling and not the CPU. its the liquid that cools the CPU.....


Hope that makes sense

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