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500D se RGB case fans?


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I want to be using push/pull on the front (3xLL120 stock fans and h150i AIO, or I will change it if there's a better option). For the top and the rear, which fans should I use between LL, ML, HD? The top will be 2x140 Edited by qkrzazzang
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prob worth reading this buddy




and this



I use all the above fans.. for me its as simple as this lol..


ML rgb = quietest

LL rgb = prettiest

HD rgb = in your face rgb


all 3 are great fans...


in my 570x i have LL on the front and HD on the back of the h150i






rest are all LL in the 570x...


in my 1000d its all LL fans but also 2 ML rgb fans on the other side of the rad as you cant see them..






also replied on Reddit


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