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Void Pro 7.1 wired mic issues.


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i was gifted this headset for my birthday from my dad, i even recommended it to him.


i am truly upset that now, i have finished my pc build and the headset is barely compareable to my old logictech g430s, the mic is muffled and crushed, the surround sound doesn't seem to work.


i have installed the drivers for the headset from the iCUE, firmware v.3.08. i have checked usb power management, i have installed audio equalizers to get my headset audio and mic louder. went through all my device management settings to make sure everything was up to date.


i really am stuck, the headset is nice, feels good and looks great, but what's the point of spending £80+ on a headset that doesn't work.


if anyone has any advice, i am willing to troubleshoot this before i try to get a refund or RMA (return merchandise authorization)


kind regards


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