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Dominator Platinum Blackout - Not limited to 500 kits anymore


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Edit added below with update from support.


Last week I thought I got lucky when I noticed that Dominator Platinum Blackout SE RAM was showing in stock on Corsair's wesbite. Figured someone had returned a kit because they had been sold out for the longest time. I Just started a new over the top 9900k build and wanted to include the exclusive RAM.



When the kit arrived... I was greeted with a most certainly not exclusive product. Set #501 out of the "limited edition quantities of 500".



imgur link showing corsairs advertisements vs what arrived:





Really bummed to have been bamboozled into thinking I was lucky enough to get one of 500 kits.




I've reached out to customer service - first through a 20 min phone call where the rep finally agreed that it's strange for me to have Set #501 out of what was supposed to be limited to 500. He then created a support ticket and escalated it to the appropriate parties on Corsair's end.... Nothing back in over a week.



Just looking for someone on Corsair's end to confirm that the RAM is no longer limited edition and they are just going to keep producing numbered sets and to warn any other enthusiast who would potentially order thinking they're getting the initially advertised kit.




**EDIT** Corsair support has responded saying that they had an overrun in production and are now releasing the excess kits. A little strange considering the kits sold out 2 years ago... I've asked support to comment on how large the "overrun" is before i make a decision on whether or not to keep Set#501.

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