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Power supply for older system


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Unlike modern mainboards, old ones draw most of the power they need from 5V and 3V3. For the one I'm currently working on, 35A on 5V and 20 on 3V3 with a combined power of 180W are recommended by the manual. One can get by with 30A on 5V but thats the bare minimum.

For total power, 400W is entirely sufficient.


The system I need the supply for is similiar to the one in my profile and power consumption is roughly the same, its a dual K7 with a midrange AGP graphicscard, 1-2 HDDs, an optical drive, NIC, USB mouse and keyboard.


So far I've found the AX(i)1200 to be the smallest PS to deliver enough amps.

Can they be safely loaded primarily on the 3,3 plus 5V rails with little load on 12V? Are these supplies individually regulated?


Any help with this is highly appreciated.

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