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Trying to Submit Ticket for NodePro But Can't


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Hello Corsair,


I'm having trouble submitting a ticket via the "Support Ticket System" to possibly RMA a broken Node Pro but the online ticket system doesn't list that product for support and won't bring up the part number, thus I am unable to finish the submission process. Can you please tell me how to submit a ticket for a broken NodePro?


The problem is as follows: I installed a Lighting Node Pro last week in my Crystal 570x and one of the channels is not working with the LED strips (they do not light up at all). The 2nd channel works perfectly and the LED strips work fine as I tested them with the other (working) channel. This is the 3rd Lighting Node Pro I have in my case (the other 2 work great). The broken channel socket also does not appear to physically latch onto or "grasp" the LED strip as well as the working channel, so I believe it is a hardware issue. I have tried adding the strips in iCUE, etc. Still does not work. I have switched out many LED strips but none of them work in the broken channel, while they all work perfectly in the working channel. It appears to me that I need a replacement Node Pro (just the actual unit).


Thank you!

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