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Glaive RGB Red Triangle Error + Freezing/Lag while running iCue


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Just purchased a new Glaive RGB, and after plugging it in (first into K95 pass-through port, then tried other ports), the mouse input was extremely laggy and it tripped red triangle errors on both the K95 and Glaive within the iCue software. After reinstalling firmware on both devices, un-mounting then reinstalling the devices in windows, restarting the computer and iCue, and finally doing a full iCue uninstall and reinstall (including user data), I cannot seem to solve the problem. Both devices work fine without iCue running (keyboard inputs & mouse movement + clicking) but once booted into iCue, either both devices or only the Glaive report back "red triangle" errors.


The K95 works fine on its own and has full iCue functionality, but if the Glaive is plugged in while iCue is running, it becomes laggy once more and presents an error message concerning corruption/non-existence of one or more parts of its internal memory. Pressing either prompt within this error message did not resolve the issue, nor did manually deleting the internal glaive profiles.


If anyone has a solution to this problem other than sending it back (which I may have to), I would be very grateful.


edit: Running on Windows 7


edit 2: The mouse works fine in iCue on a different Win7 computer also running a Corsair keyboard (Strafe), so it isn't hardware related I don't believe


edit 3: Verified Win7, then reinstalled iCue. Noticed a second time received error message:

This program might not have installed correctly

Program: Unknown Program/Publisher

Location: C:\Users\Myname~1\AppData\L...\InstallerGui.exe


I am not sure if this is the true culprit, but it comes up after every iCue launch just after a reinstall or repair of iCue. Not too savvy on Windows, but if anyone knows how to fix this, all ears

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