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FAN & fan control conundrum


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I hope this is the right place to post my conundrum.


I am building a new system around Phanteks Evolv X case (Sorry, didn't have the coin for the Obsidian 1000D...).


I have a h150i in there and a Corsair RM850i and Corsair VengeanceLPX ram.


I would like to make use of the Corsair Link software as much as possible and eventually also add some RGB either by adding Phanteks Halos or get some RGB fans. I read here on the forum that the Halos are controllable by iCue using a cable converter.


I plan to hook the h150i to the motherboard. I imagine that the h150i will be manageable by Link if plugged to the motherboard, correct?


I am foremost wondering if I could make use of the Corsair CommanderPro and the Link software by attaching the Phanteks 140mp fans that come with the case to it and also plug the USB of the h150i plus the RM850i to the ComanderPro at the same time?


I am aware that I cannot mix fans on the commander. So, plugging the h150i fans and the Phanteks fans is a no go as far as I know.


Or would I have to eventually switch to Corsair fans with RGB? And if so, could I then plug the 120 mm fans of the h150i and the Corsair RGB fans (Corsair LL or HD -have not done the research yet) to the CommanderPro? Or would I have to replace all fans at once?



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Thank you buddy!


I saw this article and it's 100% awesome! And I also read about the cable connector / making my own cables for RGB.


I guess the real question is:


- Can I connect non-Corsair fans and connect the h150i fans to the CommanderPro at the same time? Or should I connect the H150i to the mobo and the Phanteks, the 2 USB of the psu and the h150i to the commander.


Everything I read is not 100% conclusive. Respectively I am confused if the statements not to mix fans is concerning the fans rpm control or the RGB control.


If I decide to switch from the Phanteks fans and halos to Corsair, I will have to do the research on the Corsair fans.

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I cant comment on the none Corsair fans because I have no experience with them :( ...




Commander Pro's USB to motherboard USB header (also needs Sata Power)

H150i Pro's USB to Commander Pro USB header (also need Sata Power)

RM850i's USB to Commander Pro USB header.


All should be picked in in iCUE then


The H150i's built in Fan controller is PWM only so you need PWM fans on it.


I would recommend running the Radiator fans off of the H150i as this ensures its correct operation regardless of OS/Software etc


Hope that makes sense bud :)

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