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K95 P freezes when changing profile since today


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I am getting a bit worried now. After I had 2 H115i with USB disconnects and hum sounds, now from yesterday to today my K95 Platinum with actual firmware freezes when I change profile, so for example when I load a game with a specific iCUE profile, all the gear goes into the correct lighting profile but the K95 Platinum is not and it freezes completely.


No update to anything on the PC from yesterday to today. Whats going on here? I had the exact same issue years before with CUE so its not iCUE related but hardware related.


Anyone else with this kind of issue?

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Here is a Video showing this massive issue:




As you can see, my desktop profile is all white with a rainbowwave K95 Platinum bar at the top.

When I load my Word profile (which is the bar of the K95 in blue and everything else in the system in blue) the K95 Platinum rainbowwave freezes and it stays there and does not changing the color - the rest of the system does.

When I then change to my Excel profile, the whole system changes to green fine BUT the K95 Platinum NOW loads the Word profile with the blue lighting bar BUT it should be the Excel profile with a green lighting bar... So the K95P now hangs one profile behind the list. This is the EXACT same issue I had over a year ago which was gone sometime and didnt came back until today.

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I've had the same problem (and also over a year ago as well) and I'm not even using program linked profiles it's lagging one profile behind when I cycle through profiles by dedicated profile switch button. Interestingly if I switch to a profile (shows selected in iCUE but still the previous light settings are visible on the keyboard) which performs a light effect on a keypress then it will switch and "catch up" to the right selected profile on first keypress.


Because of non working onboard profiles I've tried to clear onboard storage from iCUE but it didn't work. It's started but around 5-10% the software crashed without any error message or notification whatsoeffingever. Neither was I able to force firmware update, same thing has happened as above.


Now I've got this sorted out by soft resetting the keyboard (stop iCUE, unplug both usb, press ESC while reconnecting the keyboard and keep pressed for at least 10 seconds, then release, then start iCUE).


Note that I only have the keyboard, no additional iCUE driven hardware.

Also, I rarely shut down the rig just sending it to sleep.

I did update just recently for the new (btw awesome) functions. I believe this has caused all the issues.


My struggle started with suddenly non working onboard profiles then found the whole crap totally broken in iCUE. When I try to create a new profile and I select hardware profile it jumps back immediately to default profile leaving an empty hw profile on the list. Can't do anything with that either.


My question to you is:

If you have a hardware profile in iCUE can you select it and perform changes? For me it shows the effect for 1-3 sec then jumps back to the default software profile. Problem stays even after soft reset and clearing onboard memory from iCUE. With lightning fast aiming and clicking and failing like 20-25 times I succeeded to save 2 profiles to onboard memory and they are working if I stop iCUE but I still can't select or modify them in the software. Very strange issue, I'll try a hard reset if I get annoyed enough... as now I have the profiles I wanted onboard, it doesn't matter until the next time something gets effed up by the gorgeous software development team of Corsair.

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