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ML120 RGB 3 Pack... no lights..


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Firstly I am 29 years in I.T. so wiring up the 3 pack of fans to the Lighting Node Pro and the RGB Hub was zero issues.


All 3 fans are plugged into RGB Fan hub.

All 3 fans are plugged into 4 pin PWM on MB with second connector

RGB Hub is wired to Lighting Node Pro via the included 3 wire cable

The LNP is wired to the USB header on the MB

Both the LNP and the RGB Hub are connected to the SATA power cable to the PSU


I have fans. I have NO LIGHTS.

iCUE detects the LNP without error.

Uninstalled - Installed - multiple times - Link and iCUE in various flavors/combinations several times. CURRENTLY I stripped all the software out and only have the latest iCUE installed. LNP is detected - zero RGB. Fans are blowing and the Dashboard even shows the RPM just fine - though I know I cannot control the speed yet.


I just want the damn RGB to work. Very dissatisfied at this point and I have 2 more of these 3 packs I was going to be giving away on my public Discord server.... not anymore!


Little help please?

Tons of thanks in advance!


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Did you set up the Lighting Channel in iCUE? You need to tell iCUE (and Link) how many fans and what type before anything will happen.


Yes of course.... Tested both a lighting channel with all 3 fans setup and Instant lighting too.. yes all three fans are in ports 1 2 and 3. No other fans plugged in... yes SATA is connected.


I have tried LINK - LINK with iCUE and just iCUE installed. The RGB Lighting Node Pro shows up as expected. I do not see the little 6 port hub nor do I expect to as i am sure it is a dumb device in iCUE / Link.


I have yet to get the RGB part to work but all fans spin and speed up as needed automatically.

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These things work in series and a break in the beginning will prevent everything else down the line from working. However, since nothing it lit, it would need to be right at the start. What happens if you switch connectors 1 and 3 on the small RGB Lighting Hub? If 1 is the bad fan, then swapping should make the new 1 and 2 light up, with 3 dark. If they are all dark still, then the RGB hub may be problem and you'll have to decide whether you want to break open another pack and swap a new hub in or send it all back.
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