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Mice and their button lifespan..


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First off, I see that new Ironclaw mouse.. calling 105g lightweight is not right. My logitech is about 80g and I see Finalmouse makes one that's 58g.


Anyway, my question is about buttons.. why do they always list the left/right mouse button as having XX million clicks, but never mention what the middle mouse button or scroll wheel is capable of? It seems to me that the scroll wheel /button is usually the first to go on any mouse I've owned.


The Logitech Pro says it's got for 50M clicks.. then goes on to say L/R buttons 20M clicks, which leads me to believe the mouse wheel only 10M clicks.


I've had mostly Logitech and tried one Corsair. I was disappointed with the Corsair. It lasted less than the Logitech, but both mice don't last nowhere near as long as their mouse click ratings would lead you to believe.


I'm searching around for a new mouse now as the wheel is starting to go on this Logitech.

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