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K70 RGB LUX - Newest Firmware Problem


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Hi guys, 2 days ago I installed the newest firmware update for my keyboard (CH-9101011-EU). Everything went smoothly, but when I tried to save my static lighting (yes, I know how it works) to my device it just stayed the same. I tried resetting the keyboard with Esc key, but now it's only worse, because it's stuck on the default lighting (The red one with white WSAD/Arrow keys). For those who say that I should just leave iCUE in the background, I have a really good reason to not do this: My computer is CPU bottle necked (i3-4150). I can't really leave anything in background while gaming.

I also noticed that when my computer POSTs it says that it has 2 Keyboards when before the firmware update it said that there were 3 of those.

I tried to check if there was something wrong with software (reinstalled it and tried uprgrading firmware again, but it was futile). Lastly I checked the keyboard with my friend's setup (5820K). Installed the newest iCUE, the same story.

Does anyone have simillar problem? How can revert my Keyboard's firmware to previous, more stable one? What should I do? I already submitted a ticket on Corsair Support but with no response so far.

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