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Twinx CMX512-3200XLPT - generate memtest error - second time


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I have recently purchased the following dual channel memory modules :

Twinx CMX512-3200XLPT : 2 modules of 512mb


The first couple of modules used to generate errors quiet randomly in Windows, but mostly while playing games (World of Warcraft, Doom3).

Memtest used to generate tons of erros (22k errors).


I increased the timings and the voltage to 2,7V, ran memtest again. Everything was fine, no errors in memtest.

But the computer would still crash randomly in Windows.


I went to the reseller, he told me one of the modules was bad. He replaced them. I am still having errors in memtest, even more...


Any advise RAM GUY?


Thanks a lot.

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You might need a bigger PSU with that system configuration. And I would maybe try and check for the latest bios from the MB maker and then load setup defaults an set the Dim Over Voltage control to +.3 or +.2 Volts and set the TRCD Rass to Cass to "3" and test the system again.
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