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VOID Pro RGB Wireless microphone bitrate resets itself to 8000Hz (telephone quality)


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The Corsair VOID Pro RGB Wireless microphone bitrate resets itself to 8000kHz (telephone quality) randomly and if I don't check it, it stays like this everytime.


This is a very bad quality, I have recorded myself once and, despite having an ugly voice, the quality is awful. But I can hear better my ugly voice at 48000Hz.




There is so much bad things going on with this product. :sigh!:


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Same problem here. The headset is great, but the microphone sound problem is very, very annoying if you have two regular online meetings with other people and don't want to constantly assault their ears.:sigh!:


I also tried uninstalling iCue and the Corsair drivers, but even the Microsoft drivers installed afterwards have the same problem.

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Ok. After a lot of exhaustion, I'm listing the things that I found online which did NOT work for me, and at the end, what finally did work.


Things that were recommended but didn't work:


-Right click open sound settings on taskbar, go to recording tab, go to advanced, change bitrate to dvd (crashed that window w/ error message that device is in use by another program).


-reinstalling icue


-reinstalling drivers for headset through device manager


-uninstalling realtek sound drivers


-updating AMD chipset drivers


-forcing void pro usb firmware update from inside of icue


-restarting windows 10 in safe mode in order to change bitrate on mic(device did not show up in safe mode)


-resetting audio settings in discord


This is what worked for me:


Right click speaker icon in taskbar->click sounds -> recording tab->highlight void pro headset microphone, right click it -> disable -> right click then re-enable void pro.


for reference, I have a 2600x with a 2080, fresh windows install with proper driver installation, Asus rog strix x470-F motherboard.

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