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Corsair Vengeance memory combatibility with Ryzen B350 system


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Since I have a lot of compatibility issues with my ryzen system with installed ram (corsair, posted a thread here, version number says its not compatible) I thought that I need to get a new ram kit. And before I buy anything I would like to be sure its compatible with my system.


The system is - > Ryzen 1600, Asus B350 -F Gaming (latest bios), Seasonic Focus 650fx psu, GTX 980 MSI, Samsung 850 Evo.


The ram that I was looking into was these -> https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Memory/VENGEANCE%C2%AE-RGB-32GB-%282-x-16GB%29-DDR4-DRAM-3000MHz-C16-Memory-Kit/p/CMR32GX4M2D3000C16


This memory had, i think, best price to performance ratio that are available in my local retail shop.


The motherboard memory support list has 3000MHz ram listed but not this exact model. And I can't seem to find any reviews or test regarding this ram kit. Corsair page says that its compatible with ryzen 300 and 400 series chipset and ryzen cpu.


I just want to be sure that I'm buying the right memory for my system.

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So had a look at your MB first and saw your CPU there.


Next look here for the RAM that matches your Ryzen processor with MB.



Everything has to match (compatible) or you will run into problems.


The system is up and running about a year and only problem is memory incompatibility. I think it has something to do with using 4 sticks of ram (4x4gb). It runs but with higer voltage and little bit higher timings.


My motherboard is B350-F Gaming, not Plus. And yes, these ram sticks are not in the compatibility list. With this list in hand I can't buy any ram, because most of the Corsair ram that's good or available here, where I live, aren't in the list.


Usually I don't take these lists to seriously because my Intel Z170 - Pro Gaming system uses corsair ram witch is not in the supported memory list and it works fine over 3 years now. The ram that I use in the intel system is different version that is in the supported ram list ( I have v.3.32 but supported is v4.31) . And yes it seems to make a difference what version of ram you have because right now the Ryzen system has ram thats in the supported memory list but its different version. And it seems that the version I have doesn't work.


I just wanted to ask if any users have any experience with these ram sticks.


But oh well... will soon find out, I ordered these sticks and will c how it goes.


Actually I looked three Asus newest high end motherboard supported memory lists and didn't find the exact ram code in any of these lists. So the Corsair ram is Ryzen ready but not compatible with any asus B350/X470/B450 motherboards.


-edit- it works, with newest biosi and manual settings, auto "xmp" messes something up.

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