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How do you register Hydro Series cooler?

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Hello, I am a bit of a Corsair Enthusiast. Many of the parts in my current PC are Corsair made.


However, in the past I had a Corsair - H100i GTX 70.69 where the pump died. I have since replaced it with a Corsair - H115i RGB Platinum.


I want to make sure that if the pump dies in this water cooler, that I am able to get it taken care of in the warranty. I saw on this website that the cooler has a 5 year warranty.


I have searched the website, but I could not find a register option for it. Without registering, how would you know the age of the product in order to determine that it is covered under warranty? I assume that I am just overlooking the register link.


If you could help me out, I would appreciate it.

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