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Can not get all 140mm ml fans to light up


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Just done my first pc build and have come so close to finishing but have spent more time trying to get the lights working than actually doing the rest lol

I have tried alot so I'll list it out


Got new commander and lightening hub (the supplier gave me new ones to try)

Uninstalled/reinstalled updated drivers etc numerous times

I've gone through all the settings on icue selecting 6 fans plus can see all fans on lightening setup

Tried using separate power supply

Wired the lightening hub to commander

Wired the lightening hub to lightening node

Different usb ports on mobo

The lightening node today was bench tested at supplier and all fans worked they had connected

I've tested each fan in working ports so all lights on fans actually work

Sometimes I only have 1 lit when I disconnect other fans to try and reconnect, max i've had going is 5. I have 6 fans

I'm at a end now will be taking pc in shop nxt week unless someone has a miracle fix here

Thanks in advance

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I doubt that we have a "miracle fix" but it sounds like you have a bad fan. You mentioned that you had five fans going - that just about confirms it.


What you need to do is isolate the bad fan. Now, just because a single fan lights up doesn't mean that it's 100%. The fans operate in series - one fan passes the signal to the next fan. So a fan may light up but not pass the signal. So start with 1 fan on port #1. Does it light up? Yes? Good. Move it to port #2. Then put each fan, one at a time, into port #1. If BOTH fans light up, the fan is good. If only port #1 lights up, the fan isn't passing the signal.


Once you isolate it, get it replaced.

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