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Multiple fans with corsair 460x case +controller hub


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hi iam new here and this is my first ever PC build, iam having some trouble with my fans see below.


case: corsair 460x with 3x sp120mm rgb fans

additional fans: 3x corsair hd120 rgb fans


question regarding control of colours



the front 3 fans that where included in the case work fine with the top header controller, my question and confusion: the back and top 2 fans i installed (hd120) do not change colour when i use the top header, they are connected to the hub controller. instead of plugging the hd120's into here do they do into the hgb headers?



-my motherboard (asrock b360 k4) has 5 fan power outlets + (3 rgb headers), using 1 for CPU fan, 4 for case fans, so there are 2 fans without power? am i missing something or did they just design it for 5 fans only? do i need to buy a PWM board for additional power slots?



1 of the corsair hub bays is dead, dosent send any RGB signal at all to the fan, could this relate to question 1? replace the hub completely?


4. what are RGB headers? in the motherboard RGB software i can change the colours of whats inputed into the "rgb headers" but the 4 pin fan power cables dont fit all the way onto these pins? are the connectors going into the corsair hub intended for these slots?


thanks alot in advance, i can post some pics if needed.

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The HD and the SP RGB fans operate on completely different protocols. So you can't put them on the same fan hub. Period.


DO NOT put your fans on the motherboard headers. You will kill the LEDs. The 4-pin motherboard RGB is 12V analog RGB. The fans are 5V digital RGB. You can, however, use splitters to power additional fans.


Take a good read of the RGB FAQ in my signature as well. Please pay particular attention to the correct terminology as well - it'll help make sure that we're all talking about the same things.

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