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Hi! I just received my "NoPro" and 4x LL Fans.


Before I got these I used to only have the H110I RGB Platinum and RGB PRO Ram sticks. I downloaded iCue and there were no problems whatsoever. The application was able to find both devices without a second thought.


Now that I've installed the NoPro and the extra 4 fans into my PC, for the first time iCue doesn't seem to be finding my CPU cooler but it does find my RAM and the NoPro, although the NoPro can't be adjusted except for the lighting.


I searched around the web and found some tips and tricks to fix this but it just seems to have made it worse.


I ended up only being able to see my NoPro, and still only able to adjust the lighting on it.


To sum up this post, I can't seem to be finding my RAMs or my Cooler, not even with Link.


EDIT: Reinstalled the iCue software for like the third time and now it was able to find my RAM sticks again. Now all I need to find is my cooler and be able to control the performance on my NoPro.


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