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iCUE: certain button remaps only work when running as admin then fail randomly


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I've been having a problem with button remaps since purchasing my Corsair keyboard and mouse. When remapping buttons to certain actions, they will not be detected unless I close iCUE and restart it as Administrator. Specifically a keystroke like Ctrl + 1 or an enhanced key like Insert(profile switching seems to work either way). However, after what seems to be a random period of time, the button will stop working until I restart the software as admin.


iCUE starts automatically on startup, but even after changing compatibility settings to run as administrator, remaps still don't work until I restart the software manually. I have also tried setting other iCUE executable files and even the service to run as admin with no avail.


On a side note, say hypothetically I want to rebind a forward or backward key to work as a push to talk button... The only way I have found to do this effectively is to remap it as a blank keystroke and retain original output(remapping as forward/backward with retain original output will affect browser when attempting to push to talk and remapping to a obscure key like bracket will spam characters). However, every time the computer reboots or I reboot the software manually, the blank keystroke remap reverts to an A-Z remap.


On another side note, I recently purchased a new mouse after the forward key broke on my old one. The new mouse has a "sniper" button conveniently located under the thumb that would work great as a less flimsy push to talk button. Unfortunately it cannot be remapped to a button like "mouse 5" that would not interfere with other things. So I attempted to set it to insert... which only works when running as admin and fails randomly.

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