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Freezing Issues


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Hello. I recently bought a certified refurbished K95 RGB Platinum Gunmetal via Newegg and it has been having constant freezing issues since day 1.


It randomly freezes all LEDs and stops all input, in iCUE it shows a small red warning icon on the keyboard image.

To make it work temporarily again I have to unplug it and plug it again (sometimes multiple times for Windows to recognize it).


Nothing I have been able to do has fixed it:

- Switching between all my USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports

- Installing and Reinstalling iCUE

- Trying to use it WITHOUT iCUE

- Using it with all lights turned off (Brightness set to 0)

- Using a 4-Port Powered USB 3.0 HUB (5V/2.5A, 900MA per port, 12.5W)

- Soft-Resetting it


Using latest iCUE (3.10.125) and Windows 10 Pro (Build 1809). Current Keyboard firmware: 1.07.123

Keyboard shows an update in iCUE, upon trying to apply it, the keyboard freezes and then disconnects, the update is aborted and iCUE gives a warning: Update failed.


Other issues include:

- A tendency to change lights to red, sometimes its just one key, an effect, others the entire keyboard. (Happens on any profile)

- Freezing when shutting down or restarting the PC which requires unplugging every time or the lights will stay on indefinitely

- Instant Freezing when using a plain white profile (for other profiles the freezing is random)


Any help is appreciated, in the meantime I have contacted Corsair for support and asked my reseller for the possibility of a refund.

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These past few days I've used only 1 USB port because of the constant disconnecting and reconnecting,

but I've tried every possible combination on all USB ports of my case including using a powered USB3 HUB.

Tried 1 and 2 USB3 ports, 1 and 2 USB2 ports. No luck :(

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I just made this account to reply, I have this exact same issue. I just bought this keyboard and its junk.. I see many posts with this issue. This is a older keyboard isnt it? well maybe not old but its been out for awhile. I am shocked there is possible. I have a usb port hub and its powered and nothing fixes this.
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Bought mine from Scan.co.uk looks like I cant refund the keyboard now due to their horrible 14 day refund policy meaning Im going to have to swap it out for another k95 refurd which will probably have the same issue, tried everything you have tried and yet still the same problem. Im an avid corsair fan and to see it like this saddens me. Im glad my Glaive mouse works amazingly and my new void headset works perfectly. Its just let me down with this keyboard and I dont know if i will be buying another corsair one thats refurbed or just brand new. Please if someone can help me out with a new keyboard I'd appreciate #Begging
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