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K70 RGB MK.2 Keyboard Pricing


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Can anyone help me to understand what's up with Corsair's pricing on these keyboards? They've got 4 different prices ranging from $119 to $159 depending on which switch color you buy. Of course, the color I want is the most expensive (brown). From everything I can tell, the switches by themselves cost the same. So what am I missing about this pricing disparity? As much as I want the brown switches, I'm not sure the difference between the reds ($119 - special price) is worth the extra $40. If I wait, though, the special price for the reds is probably going to disappear.


I am sort of kicking myself for not pulling the trigger on the brown switched K70 when it was offered for $119 a few weeks ago, but I was already choking on buying other things for the new build and just wasn't ready yet.


Anyone have any information on this that will help me make an informed decision on what to do here?


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